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Can Liners

For home, office or facility use, or as a fundraising opportunity for your organization while also supporting Careers Industries.

Artworks created by our Careers Industries artists!


Can Liners: Your Next Successful Fundraising Opportunity!

Let's be clear: we like candles and cookie dough. But when it comes to a functional and flexible way for your non-profit organization to raise funds, consider selling Careers Industries Can Liners to your members, friends and community. Our can liner fundraising initiative offers a number of advantages over typical items sold such as magazines, candles and food products:

  • Flexibility in pricing allows you to choose your own profit margin. Once you order and purchase bags, the choice on how to price and sell is yours. There is no third party in the middle setting how your system needs to work - you choose how to make it best work for you.
  • Everyone needs trash bags. We offer them in all shapes and sizes. From small can liners to large lawn & leaf bags, these products fulfill an ongoing need for any household or business.
  • Non-perishable and easy to store. Anyone who has ever had to store and distribute dozens of frozen pizzas or containers of cookie dough will appreciate that can liners are non-perishable and simple to store.
  • Our can liner fundraising program is a win/win. While raising funds for your organization, you can also help Careers Industries fulfill our mission to support persons with disabilities in our community.

Careers Industries has built a reputation as a leading provider of can liners. Each year we manufacture and package more than 13 million trash bags that are used around the state, including at many of the UW campuses and in the Wisconsin Corrections System. In addition we supply corporations such as S.C. Johnson & Co., Master Appliance and In-Sink-Erator.

Please call or email Stacy Quickstad at or 262-752-4100 to learn more about our can liner fundraising opportunity and how a partnership with Careers Industries can help your organization establish a profitable, ongoing fundraising program. Support your mission and help support ours.